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The Lord is good but why am I experiencing problems and difficulties?

The text of this video in pdf:
“I believe that the Lord is good, but why do so many things go wrong, and, bad things happen all the time? And, why God does not answer my prayers? Why do I ask Him, and, He does not answer me?”
Many people are troubled by this question to some degree or other.
Not sure if this would be of any help, but this is what I have come to know through the years of walking with the Lord, and the 25 years I have been serving Him as a preacher:
Whatever the Lord does is always good, but that does not necessarily mean that our flesh (that is, our outward carnal man) also enjoys it.
What is good and upright for the Lord usually leads to a confrontation for the purpose of the death of “Me, Myself, Mine, who I am, what I want/don’t want”, etc.
The only solid foundation is that the Lord is good; what is uncertain is how we perceive from our side and how we feel in response to what the Lord does.
We rarely enjoy what the Lord does, and more often we certainly do not like it; that is because the good and upright of the Lord leads to:
– the cleansing of our flesh,
– the humiliation of our pride,
– the reproach of our disobedience and rebellion,
– the conviction of the Darkness that our heart hides,
– the exposure of our hidden purposes that expose the mask of hypocrisy behind which we tried to hide the Truth.
Many wonder why the words of Jesus, “you will do greater works”, do not become fulfilled; that may be because they overlook the fact that the greatest work of Jesus was His death on the cross while He was innocent.
They want to do the works that they believe they will receive glory through them, but they neglect the call of Jesus … to his disciples: If anyone wants to follow me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24).

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