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In an acceptable time I have heard you, in the day of salvation I have helped you.’

This is a prophetic call from Pastor George E Markakis, Athens, Hellas, for this time – the end of March and beginning of April 2021, that is the Springtime of this year. It is also God’s appointed time within the annual cycle for the release of the power of the Resurrection for Life.

From Sunday 28 March through Sunday 4 April is the Passover this year according to the original timeline that God gave to Moses, when He instituted the Passover as one of the Feasts of the Lord, as seen in Leviticus chapter 23.

This prophetic call is about this appointed time of the Lord for a true PASS – OVER, that is, for a TRANSITION. Certainly we are not talking about the supposedly christianised celebration of “EASTER” which is the product of syncretism with the celebration of the pre-Christian goddess in England, Eostre, who was celebrated at the beginning of spring.

Certainly we are not talking about Easter eggs and bunnies and other pagan symbols of fertility, but we are talking about the call of God for transition from any and all forms of death and bondage to new life, or, a re-new-ed life and freedom. That is the true PASSOVER, which is the translation of the original Hebrew word PESACH, the name of this Feast of the Lord, at this time of the year.

The Feast of the Passover is not about procreation and fertility, but about the victory over the power of Death, of the Messiah that the Jewish people expected. The Passover is all about the Christ of God, the Messiah of the Jews, who died on the cross to make atonement for sin, and rose from the dead to become the High Priest at the right of God; the Mediator between man and God for the forgiveness of sin and salvation, for reconciliation with God and eternal life, not about the pagan celebration of the spring.

The spiritual fulfillment of the Passover was originally in the person of Jesus Christ, who spilled His blood and died on the cross as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. In that, He fulfilled in His person the sacrifice of the animals of the Jewish people in Egypt, who sprinkled the blood of the animals on the doorposts of their houses to escape from the Death that came upon Egypt.

In this New Testament dispensation, we may escape from the fear of Death that is awaiting all flesh thanks to the Blood of Jesus Christ. And thanks to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, those who have been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb of God receive the forgiveness of Sin, by means of faith in His sacrificial death. That is how we may have the actual experience of the Passover, as we pass over from Death to eternal life. So this is not at all about a religious festivity.

The prophetic fulfillment of the Passover in the annual cycle is God’s appointed time to pass over from the spiritual dimension in which we lived up to now, so that we may transition to the new things that God wants to bring into our lives; that is the same as with the Jews coming out of Egypt.

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