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The power of the vow for devotion

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Good morning, today is 9 Feb 2021. Welcome to my 7th brief morning message of this campaign of prayer and devotion. Today we shall go back to the 1st of Feb to remember how it started; what the Lord invited us to do, and what is the spiritual principle that we are called to apply, and why.

That morning I woke up without a care or a plan about anything. I had no idea that a rendezvous with the Lord was at hand. I saw the time and it was 07:07. That led me to Matthew 7:7 where the Lord is calling us to ASK, to SEEK, to KNOCK, and that is, through prayer.

In the ensuing hours it became clear that the Lord invited us to dedicate to Him the whole month, to do what it says in Matthew 7:7. The idea was to make a vow for a period of devotion with the commitment to consistently wake up early in the morning, as a form of sacrifice. The purpose would be to get a breakthrough in regard to the issues where we are stuck; where there are no answers to our prayers, where we cannot hear the Lord’s Voice, where there is no healing while we believe and pray for it, and whatever other life issue where the supernatural intervention and power of the Lord is not present.

The first time the Lord taught me the principle of making a vow for a period of devotion with commitment and discipline, was some 20 years ago, when I was facing three health issues at the same time. Even though I believed and prayed for supernatural healing, nothing was happening, so I sought the Lord for an answer. That is when He spoke to me and said I should dedicate to Him a period of three months.

He led me to make the commitment to do certain things, of which the first and most important was to spend one hour in His Presence, right after I woke up in the morning. What was new to it, was that I was not supposed to pray or do any other form of worship activity; I was supposed to stay quiet and wait on Him in a state of inactivity. In fact, this is a strange “commandment” which is found in several places in the Bible: wait on the Lord!

As I was a very active person, staying put, silent and inactive for an hour, felt like sheer torture, especially in the first few days. However, things changed as time wore on, and that discipline changed me to a very different person. It is not only that I woke up one morning completely healed of those 3 issues.

The greatest benefit was that my eyes were opened to the spiritual dimension, and I learned to listen to the Voice of the Lord more clearly in that place of quietly waiting on Him. There were also changes in my heart and character; strongholds of sin were broken off; there was internal transformation that was made apparent in my life, and I tuned in to the heart and mind of God much more accurately than before.

One of the things that was revealed to me, was something that I had no prior knowledge of; it was the spiritual principle of the VOW for a period of DEVOTION. This teaching by the Holy Spirit began unfolding through a word about Ap. Paul, in Acts 18:18 “He had his hair cut off at Cenchrea, for he had taken a vow”.

The purpose of this vow during the month of February is for prayer to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK; it is a time of devotion to draw near the Lord, to receive answers, to break through, to conquer the promises…

In tomorrow’s brief message we shall look more into this vow of devotion, on the basis of Ap. Paul’s life and the Bible.

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