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7 days of dedication for breakthrough on Pentecost & outpouring of new power from on high

A call to a 7-day dedication leading up to Pentecost 2020

The purpose of this video-message is to alert us to the fact that we are 7 days away from the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) of this year 2020, and, there may be a call of the Lord for some of us, to dedicate these 7 days to seek the Lord and prepare to receive the new outpouring that is being released from Heaven at this time.

Shavuot 2020 will begin in the evening of Thursday May 28, and will end in the evening of Saturday May 30. The key day is Friday 29 May.

The first message I read when I woke up this morning was from Nikos P. a friend and a spiritual son, who was the Assistant Pastor of Shalom Center Athens, when he lived in Athens. He now lives in New York, and shared these words with our prayer network:

“Today, during worship time seeking the face of THE LORD, pushing in the spirit, I had the impression that THE HOLY SPIRIT wants me to dedicate the next 7 days for a major breakthrough and outpouring of HIS PRESENCE to follow. Very interestingly the date when this 7-day dedication ends at the time of this year’s Shavuot (Pentecost). Immediately my mind went to the 7 days leading to the fall of Jericho.”

So, indeed, there is this interesting correlation between these 7 days remaining, and the 7 days that Joshua and the Israelites had to walk around Jericho, as per the instruction of the Commander of the army of the Lord. That is particularly interesting this year, because of the word we have received from the Lord that this year is the time for this generation of the Ecclesia of Christ to move out of the desert and start the conquest of the Promise Land, starting with demolishing first the stronghold of Jericho (we shall talk briefly about that later).

Another interesting correlation that we should be aware of, is the fact that Jesus ascended to Heaven 10 days before the coming of the Holy Spirit on the historical day of Pentecost that is recorded in Acts 2. That is because Jesus appeared to His disciples for 40 days after His resurrection from the dead, and the Holy Spirit came on the 50th.

Those were 10 days of waiting on the Lord… these 7 days ahead of us coincide with this very same 10-day waiting period, and, the message of the coming of the Holy Spirit may be prophetically taken to mean that when the power from Heaven is released, strongholds are demolished on earth.

It is my personal conviction, that is my faith for this special time of Pentecost 2020, that the celebration of the Feast of Pentecost will coincide with a new outpouring from Heaven that will result in the demolition of ages’ old strongholds in our lives as well as nations.

In the Bible, the Commander of the Army of the Lord appeared to Joshua and gave him instructions how to overthrow the stronghold of Jericho – then the “gate” would be open for God’s people to possess their inheritance. Those instructions called for a 7-day dedication to the cause, in the specific way that was spoken to Joshua.

The spiritual principle of a 7-day dedication can be applied in our lives, for the same cause and purpose, as we are all confronted by demonic strongholds which block the way so that we may never come to a place to inherit God’s Promises here on Earth.

Beyond our personal lives and the strongholds that are associated with our families and generational bloodline(s), we, as God’s People of the New Testament, are called at this time of Pentecost 2020 to push forward in order to overthrown national strongholds which resist the Ecclesia at national level, so that we may not be able to advance the Kingdom of our God to such a degree as to come to a place to “disciple our nation”.

The least we can do as a first step towards seeking God and preparing ourselves for the new outpouring of His Spirit during this coming Pentecost, is to offer a 7-day dedication of prayer with perseverance and seeking His Face and His living instruction for this hour.

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