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Passover 2023 A time of breakthrough for a new beginning

A time of (for?) breakthrough to a new beginning (of a new cycle of 7 years?)
This video was recorded as I (George E Markakis) spoke with the leaders of the House of Prayer BETHEL (Luton UK) on this year’s Passover.

A few notes on the context of this message:
Coming out of this year’s Pesach (Hebrew Passover, 5-12 April 2023) this is a time of a new beginning. To the best of my understanding, it is a new beginning to be experienced as a result of breakthrough – for which it has been important to push through so as to experience this breakthrough.

More than the need to push through, one would have to be in alignment with the current move of God in each person’s and/or ministry’s life

This Passover was finally the time to begin experiencing the promises of God as we inherit and inhabit the Promise Land, for which we have had to walk through the valley of the shadow of Death over the previous three years.

Need for a change of mindset; need to redesign the way of thinking, so as to be able to understand new concepts, in a new light, a new perspective.

A key message for this current decade, is the convergence of the House of Prayer movement with the Church-centric concept as we have known it, has been pulpit & program centered, rather than based upon and being dependent on the prayer and participation of the people who make up the ecclesia.

A true Ecclesia requires the merging into one of the current distinctly two streams of the “Church” and the “House of Prayer”.

A true Ecclesia is not just a religious service, but was called to be a legislative body of God’s people who are led by His Spirit and represent His authority to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

We need a redefining of what is Church, based on the biblical definition of the Ecclesia – which is not a religious alternative to the Synagogue; it is not a Christian Synagogue, but an Ecclesia – a secular term referring to the elders of a city who have legal and legislative power to rule in the city.

In the 500 years since Luther’s Reformation there has never been a reformation of the concept and doctrine of what is the Ecclesia. This is the season of God’s work to cause His people to rethink and reshape everything that we thought we knew about the Church.

We need to understand the transition so that we can work with the Holy Spirit as He is causing (or is it “forcing”?) changes that will bring about the necessary shift.

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