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A prophetic perspective of where we’re at, April 3, 2023

A prophetic perspective of where we’re at, April 3, 2023
By George E Markakis, Shalom Apostolic Ministries, Hellas
The complete document of my message in pdf:

A. Witchcraft aimed at hindering or altogether killing God’s work among the young generation and the starting up of new churches in new locations.

Significance and mobilization of “watchmen on the walls”. This is a time for renewed emphasis on the prophetic ministry and the priestly duty of prophetic intercession.

A major part of the work of the Lord in this generation is to merge the traditional view of what is a Church, with the ministry of the “House of Prayer” – which is necessary for the Presence of the Lord to arise and prevail over the enemies of the land.

B. Coming out of the first quarter of 2023 and out of the six winter months, we are in a process of transition to a new cycle of time that is more than a segment of this year. This is not just a springtime of rebirth, renewal, regeneration; it is a new season that is related to:

Past the last 3 years of the valley of the shadow of Death, we are coming out to a broad and fruitful valley of fruitfulness.

The next cycle of 7 years, a season of great advancement of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, in spite of opposition, resistance, battles, cost.

This is a season of divine visitations on specific locations that are of strategic nature in the Lord’s masterplan.

C. The bigger picture in God’s Masterplan of advancement of His Kingdom on earth. Focus:

– the reformation of the Church to Ecclesia,
– the shift of focus from the Gospel of Salvation to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.
– from Pastors and Leaders (of churches and organizations) to Apostles and Fathers (of families in Christ)

Most recent stages of Reformation:
– the office of the Prophet
– the office of the Apostle

A major issue with the restoration of the office of the Apostle has been that the ministry and position was regarded from the angle of:
– the Church versus the Ecclesia
– the focus on Salvation versus building the Kingdom
– the perspective of leadership of organizations versus fatherhood of families in Christ.

New emphasis: to raise up the Fathers in the Body of Christ.


That is the word of the Lord for now, and the vision ahead, as we are called to expand the Kingdom of our Lord in/through our lives (and ministries).

Time to possess our inheritance, as we enter, possess and inhabit the fruitful valley that lies ahead and enjoy “the blessings of the Lord in the land of the living”!

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