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The principle of the greater sacrifice – 2 Kings 3

A teaching by George E Markakis, Shalom Apostolic Ministries, and Pastor of Shalom Center Athens (House of Prayer and Fellowship)
Based on 2 Kings chapter 3, in this teaching we examine a few principles shown in the story, and in particular a very powerful principle that is important to know with regard to the life of prayer, especially when it comes to issues of life and death, as well as spiritual warfare.
It is the principle of the greater sacrifice – meaning, the party in a confrontation that will offer the greater sacrifice, is the party that will eventually overcome.
The timing of this Bible-study is as we have recently heard from the Lord the call to a 40-day period of dedication (or, Nazarite vow, if you know what that is), which started Oct. 1 through Nov. 10, 2022.
To watch a video with the call to this 40-day Dedication:
40 days of dedication for breakthrough to miracles & abundance

To watch a teaching on the Nazarite vow:

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