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Caring for our “eretz-land” – a prophetic teaching on cultivating our life’s field by WORD vs WORLD

Caring for our life’s ‘eretz’-land
A (prophetic) teaching by George E Markakis, Pastor from Athens, Hellas (Greece), at the “Casa di Preghiera Gesu Cristo Speranza Italia”, a House of Prayer in Rome, Italy, founded and led by Pastor Emanuele di Martino; on Sunday 4 Sept. 2022.
What are we ‘cultivating’ and ‘watering’ our ‘land’ with? The WORD (of God) or the WORLD (of Darkness)?
That which determines what happens to the “field of our life” is not natural circumstances.
If/when “the eyes of the Lord are upon our ‘eretz’-land, then our ‘adama’-land shall always be blessed.
‘Eretz’ is the Hebrew word for ‘earth’ that described the earth even before it was created, when it was still without physical form, while it was still not yet created, in Genesis 1:2.
‘Adama’ is the Hebrew word for land, ground, soil, even earth, which appears for the first time in Genesis 1:25. It is the ground/soil out of which the Lord God formed man (Hebrew ‘adam’), in Genesis 2:7.
‘Eretz’ is the non-physical, immaterial, invisible, supernatural part/aspect of the earth, very much like the spirit and the soul of a human being is non-physical, immaterial, invisible, supernatural. Perhaps we could call ‘spiritual’ both the ‘eretz’-land and the human spirit and soul; but I think that would not be accurate (depends on how the ‘spiritual’ is defined and understood, which no human being knows for certain).
As ‘man’ (as in human being) is primarily defined (in the Bible) as ‘a living soul’ (that is the non-physical part/aspect of our humanity), and the word ‘soul’ in the New Testament Hellenic (phsyche) stands for ‘life’, so we may come to the conclusion that the real aspect of the earth, which defines what happens in the natural world, is a function of what is primarily happening in the invisible world.
In other words, what is happening in the ‘adama’ physical land, is a reflection of what is really happening in the ‘eretz’ non-visible side of the earth. Which is the same as with the soul of a human being. It refines and determines what becomes manifest in the external, physical, material body.

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