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The first prophetic word received over the new Hebrew Year 5781

Following my introduction is the prophetic word that was given today by a sister-in-Christ who has a prophetic gift, who chose to remain anonymous. She is under my spiritual guidance and under the protection of our ministry. I assume responsibility over this word, as I bear additional witness that this is a word from the Lord.

On Saturday morning Sept. 12, 2020, while I was in prayer, I felt led to post on Facebook a few thoughts in regard to this day of the Lord’s Sabbath (Rest). The emphasis of my message was the call to prepare ourselves through a sabbatical rest, so that we may be positioned properly in order to receive prophetic revelation.

My message was also informative; here is a part of it:

We have exactly one week left from next Saturday Sept. 19, 2020, which is the Day of Trumpets (Yom Teruah, one of the Feasts of the Lord). It marks the end of the current Hebrew year 5780 and is the New Year’s first day, known as Head of the Year (in Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah) of 5781.

So this is the last week of this significant, memorable as much as subversive year 5780 that has turned our world upside down, and has completed the task of making us fully aware of how much we are all one humanity, who dwell on the very same planet, which is becoming increasingly smaller, almost like a neighborhood, where we all share our lives day in and day out.

This last week, is our last opportunity to complete the work that the Holy Spirit has been working in each and everyone of us during this life-changing year.

The Hebrew year represents a period of God’s work, as the Lord is always working on the basis of the preappointed times, seasons and years, according to His Creation (see Genesis 1:14-19). He delivered to Moses the understanding of how to measure time in a way that reflects God’s created times, seasons and years, so that we may know God’s timings.

Our Gregorian calendar does not necessarily reflect God’s work in times and seasons, so our life at this time may continue without any points of reference that may cause us to understand there is actually a change, a shift of seasons.

Nonetheless, as we shall come to realise in the coming weeks, the spiritual atmosphere will change, as the new season of God’s work will commence and will become manifest through a new move of the Holy Spirit.

When we are positioned before the Lord during this Kairos-timing of the change of the spiritual season when the spiritual dimension will experience a shift, we remain aligned with Him and alert to receive the understanding of the new move of His Spirit. As we remain quiet in the stillness and sabbath-rest of His Presence, we shall be filled by prophetic revelation and heavenly vision.

A few minutes after I posted the message, I received a phone call by this sister. Apparently, while I was in prayer and then also built the message to post on Facebook, she was in prayer and was receiving the words, below. She said:

When I finished the time of prayer, where the Lord spoke to me, I went to the kitchen where I turned on my cell phone. Your post immediately popped up and I was excited as I realized that the Lord had spoken to me in regards to the very same subject of the posting.

As I was in prayer, something opened up in Heaven, and the Lord showed me that He wanted to speak to the Earth. In my spirit I knew He was saying many shocking things, but did not understand all of it in my mind. However, I received the knowledge that a new period/season is at hand, when things will happen unexpectedly, many of which will be very pleasant.

[my remark; what about the ones that will not be pleasant?]

I saw that He was saying so many things and so many wonderful things. However I cannot put words to all that I saw in the spirit. Some of the things He said, I heard and understood:

I am the Lord, listen you who dwell on the Earth. The time has come, the time has come. I will speak, I will not keep silent. I will say the things that I want to say, things marvelous which will be seen by those who can see (them).

Marvelous things will take place. Those who can, will see my Glory. At the same time, I will take action to subdue those who perpetrate injustice; I will crush the arrogant and those who despise me.

Many will weep and mourn, while others will rejoice and be glad. Make peace, work justice. I (will) crush and I (will) lift up.

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