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September: a new month, a new cycle of time. Where our treasure, there our heart!

September: a new month, a new cycle of time. Where our treasure is, there is our heart, and that is manifest by where we give our time and attention.

Today is September 1st and I felt the urge in my heart to broadcast this message. I am George E Markakis and I want to talk about 2 things that overflow from my heart today:

1) My faith for the new things we will experience in this new cycle of time that begins now as we are coming out of the summer. These things have a direct relationship to how we respond to the move of the Holy Spirit and our availability to cooperate with the Lord for the work of His Kingdom.

2) To share the thoughts that have flooded me since this morning about the treasure that overflows from our heart, that determines where our heart is given. That is shown practically by where our attention is given, our prayer, our time and above all: our thoughts and feelings.

These two things are interconnected in terms of the Kingdom of God and how we are going to experience its manifestation in our daily lives, in this new time cycle.

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