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My calling & ministry – George E Markakis

My calling & ministry – introduction.
This short video with simultaneous translation in Italian, gives a glimpse into the apostolic ministry of George E Markakis. It was the introduction at the Apostolic Church AGAPE in Caserta, Italy, of Pastor Antonio Sorrentino, on Sunday 11 June 2023.
George E Markakis is a Pastor, and an international speaker;
an apostolic teacher of the Bible and a prophetic minister;
founder of Shalom Apostolic Ministries, based in Hellas (Greece);
co-founder and co-leader of the “Fellowship of Pastors and Leaders” (“Κοινωνία Ποιμένων & Εργατών Ευαγγελίου”), based in Athens, Hellas.
The commission of Shalom Apostolic Ministries:
“Speak Truth, Teach Faith, Build Prayer, Encourage God’s People”.
Cell phone: +30-6943657990
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