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Word for the Romanian people @EZRA Church, Latimer Minster, UK, by George E Markakis

Word for the Romanian people @EZRA Church.
This was a word of encouragement, as part of the “Welcome the King of Glory” Prayer Conference at Latimer Minster, UK, hosted by the Romanian Church EZRA, organised by Ioan Peia.
After I gave the word, I was asked if I would worship the Lord in my native language Hellenic (Greek); I did and proceeded to also worship in Hebrew.
There is a concept that has to do with the calling of God for every individual that comes into the Kingdom – when God redeems a person from the realm of Darkness, the gifts that God has given to this person by birth, can be redeemed for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.
The same principle applies to a people group, a language, a nation.
When God created the nations, He planted gifts in each of them, that have the potential to be redeemed (that is, purchased and purged by the Blood) – to serve the purpose(s) of God’s Kingdom on Earth.
We call that, the Redemptive Purpose of God for a nation. That is in fact the Prophetic Destiny of a nation.
So, what’s the Redemptive Purpose of God for the nation of Romania which includes the people group who speak the Aromanian language ?

To help us identify it, we need to observe those characteristics which are prevalent among all the Romanians, everywhere. What are those characteristics which spring forth from within and among the Romanian people everywhere?

What are the Romanians best known for, not only in the country of Romania, as well as among the nations:

Honest, hard-working, trustworthy.

Family and child-bearing and rearing is the core and center.

Romania has the highest percentage of born-again, church-going Christians in the Continent called Europe, which we have renamed “Beulah”; if you take into account that among the traditional Orthodox Christians there are many devout believers, Romania is a beacon of light and faith among the atheistic, humanistic nations.

The Romanian churches all over Europe are either the largest or among the largest. These family centered, hard working, trustworthy communities that uphold the faith in Jesus as the core and center of their/your community life, are like a lighthouse, like a beacon of light in the darkness of this world.

So I believe the Lord has planted Romanian communities all over the Continent, very much along the same principle as He planted so many Hebrew communities all over the world. That can be summarized in the words of Ap. James during the 1st Council in Jerusalem

Acts 15:18 “Known to God from eternity are all His works…
– 21 For Moses has had throughout many generations those who preach him in every city, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath.”
George E Markakis is a Pastor, and an international speaker;
an apostolic teacher of the Bible and a prophetic minister;
founder of Shalom Apostolic Ministries, based in Hellas (Greece);
co-founder and co-leader of the “Fellowship of Pastors and Leaders” (“Κοινωνία Ποιμένων & Εργατών Ευαγγελίου”), based in Athens, Hellas.
The commission of Shalom Apostolic Ministries:
“Speak Truth, Teach Faith, Build Prayer, Encourage God’s People”.
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