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’40-days-to-Passover-to-breakthrough’ – George E Markakis

This is a prophetic message that reveals a call from the Lord for this season, March-April 2022, leading up to this year’s Passover.
There is also a teaching in the message, on the subject of specific perceptions related to faith in God which are widespread and commonplace, yet they contradict the Scriptures and are explained to be deceptions that have been integrated in the life of faith through tradition, religion, culture, etc.
The specific example discussed is on the spirit (mentality) of poverty, which many associate with humility and Christian faith, which however opposes the stated will of God in the Bible for the blessing of His People.
The main call for the 40 days leading to the Passover is to dedicate this period to prayer and study of the Bible. The purpose is that any covert “bubbles of Darkness” that have deceived us may be exposed.
When we come to the understanding of the truth, we may be set free from such strongholds and come to experience God’s Promises, which are now held back from us.
George E Markakis is the Pastor of Shalom Apostolic Ministries, Athens, Hellas (Greece).

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