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THE DAY AFTER is the time for the Ecclesia to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom

A year ago, on Sat. March 6, 2020, the President of the USA announced that the COVID-19 situation had become a global pandemic; the world changed that day.

On the same day, in the morning, as I was praying the Lord showed me a veil, like a huge blanket, descending upon the earth from above. Some of you may have seen the video which I did on that day.

The key message that I want to communicate now, is that now, a year later, at the start of March 2021, the time has come for that veil to be lifted again. That means that the life on planet earth is soon going to return to normal, or, to the new normal, whatever that is, or, whatever that will prove to be in the days to come.

So, now is the time to consider the THE DAY AFTER, because it will be the time for the Ecclesia to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Let’s go back a bit to see the bigger picture of where we are at now at the end of February 2021, which was a month appointed by God for us to ASK, to SEEK, to KNOCK, so that it will be opened – that was the message that the Lord gave on Feb. 1 through the timing of 07:07, that is, Matthew 7:7.

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