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Freedom from the 3fold cord of iniquity (Part 2) for more Light of God in the heart

Today is Thursday 18 Feb. 2021, and this is Part 2 of “The birth of the threefold cord of Iniquity in the Garden of Eden, Genesis 3:10”, of Monday 15 February. To watch that 1st Part,:

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In the 1st Part we read from Ecclesiastes 4:12 the spiritual principle of the threefold cord. Then we read in Genesis 3:10 how the root of iniquity that proceeded from Adam’s sin brought Darkness into the Garden of Eden.

In that spiritual dimension of Darkness that Adam brought into God’s perfect Creation, he hid himself from God’s Presence, because he had been taken over by his emotions of fear, shame and rejection. They were sentiments which God never created, and never taught to Adam. Those sentiments proceeded from the nature of the snake that possessed Adam when he disobeyed what God had warned him not to do, for his own good.

This spiritual principle is not Old Testament, as the spirits of religion would say to us to throw us off course. The Old Testament was given to Moses; before that there was no Law made of commandments. Instead, what we read in the Bible is the spiritual principles which apply to us as well.

The principle of the 3fold cord of Iniquity that is at work within us, is of interest to everyone, and that includes the New Testament Christians.

There are spiritual principles in the Bible, such as the 3fold cord, that the righteous shall live by faith, of the sowing and reaping, etc. They help us understand the processes of our sentiments and thoughts inside of us, and to learn to discern the source of these sentiments.

When we know which of our sentiments are a manifestation of the root of iniquity that is at work within us, we may then take captive to the obedience of Christ, every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and the work of sanctification that the Holy Spirit is perfecting within us, and cast it down.

To understand that we shall see an example of how the Lord taught me, and what was the good fruit that this truth of God bore in my life. When I was young in the faith I was struggling with various sentiments, which I understood that they were not in alignment with the heart and nature of God. One of them was anger, which sprang from within and possessed me.

There were more such sentiments which possessed me at times, but I was not able to see them for what they truly were, demonic manifestations. That is because my Pastor of that time said that it is impossible for a child of God to have demonic influences at work from within, because our bodies are the temple of God.

So I thought it was just a matter of character, and carried on with my life without fully realizing that I was becoming the very manifestation of Darkness, which did not permit the Holy Spirit to progress the work of sanctification in those areas where those sentiments resisted God’s nature.

A synopsis of my struggle with anger which lasted for 2-3 years is how the Lord led me to understand that the sentiment which possessed me was not exactly anger. It was a manifestation of Darkness that proceeded from the 3fold cord which was a root of iniquity within me from birth. It was my human, carnal nature which I had inherited from my ancestors. That is the fruit of the original sin which is passed from generation to generation.

The Holy Spirit led me to understand what was really at work within me; it was a spirit of murder, that cooperated with a spirit of rage, which were triggered by my desire for revenge. This revelation became clear when I discovered that I had inherited this root of iniquity from my great-grand-father, who was a murderer; a man of rage, who would kill for vengeance.

As I inherited all of my characteristics from my predecessors, so I was also born with this 3fold cord, which was a root of iniquity at work within me, generating Darkness which put out the Light of God each time it would manifest. Even so, thanks to the revelation of the Holy Spirit, when I understood what I needed to deal with, I had the authority by the Blood of Jesus to confess, repent and be cleansed from it.

Since the day I asked forgiveness for my carnal nature which I was born with, and confessed the sin of desiring to murder to avenge myself, and the rage which possessed me when the opportunity was given, that 3fold cord was cut or uprooted and I was set free.

Those sentiments did not manifest again, so I did not have to struggle with them anymore. I was able to make room for the work of the Holy Spirit to develop in me a more Christ-like character, so that more of His Light could shine through me, rather than the Darkness which used to manifest.

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