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Why haven’t the prophecies been fulfilled in my life? Part 1

A teaching by George E Markakis, Pastor of Shalom Center Athens (Hellas), 30 Jan. 2021.
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There are prophetic words which are not conditional, and,
There are prophetic words which are conditional

certain conditions must be met for these prophecies to be fulfilled. Such are personal prophecies concerning the work of God in/through a believer.

For the most part these personal prophecies are NOT UN-conditional announcements of future events (which can sometimes be the case), but God’s vision and desire for this person.

God’s gifts are irrevocable, but the same is not true when it comes to the work that God wants to do through a believer; that is not unconditional. The fulfillment of such personal prophecies about what God wants to do may come as the result, as the outcome, as the fruit, of a variety of conditions and factors.

Then, there are also the spiritual principles which may determine the process and outcome; we shall see some of them through the Bible in these teachings.

When a prophetic word has not been fulfilled:
Option 1 – is it possible that the prophecy was not of God?
Option 2 – if it was of God, why was the prophecy never fulfilled?

Option 1 – is it possible that the prophecy was not of God?
How can we know if it was, or, if it was not of God?

“By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.” (2 Corinthians 13:1). God’s (prophetic) words are confirmed through different people who do not know among themselves what the others have said. I have experienced that when the Lord told me to stop my work in order to serve Him full time, and when He showed me my future wife.

However, we need caution when it comes to prophecies which “read” the desire of another person’s heart, instead of speaking forth God’s living word.

The same prophetic word may be given by two or three people, and yet it may not necessarily be of God. Prophetic people have the innate ability to “read” the desires of another person’s heart; if they do not have the experience and discernment to “see’ the difference, they may speak it out as if it were a word from the Lord.

A person who utters prophetic words needs to be able to discern the difference between man’s spirit from God’s Spirit and identify the spiritual dimension where the word originated. If the “word” is not coming from the Third Heaven, then it is more than likely that it is not a word from God.

A prophetic word may have its origins in three different spiritual dimensions:

First Heaven – this is the earthly dimension where is the spirit of man (created in the image and likeness of God). In this dimension, a certain form of witchcraft may be exercised, which in the original Greek is the word “vaskania”, which we find in Galatians 3:1.

Second Heaven, in the Bible: the heavenlies (see Ephesians 6:12), where are the spirits of wickedness, the forces of Darkness.

There are believers who are genuine when it comes to their faith in God but have not yet been cleansed from the old sins. Such kinds of sin(s) which are still at work in believers may be the usual ones such as pride, arrogance, anger, wrath, bitterness, unforgiveness, malice, envy, ambition, competitiveness, love for money, desire to be the first over the others, need for self-fulfillment, drive to prove that we are somebody special and more of such “normal” sins.

However, the old sins that have not yet been cleansed may include more tricky and cunning forms of Darkness, which are not easy to detect, such as witchcraft and/or divination (what is also known in the world as “psychic powers”). That may be due to the old, pre-Christ life of a current believer, who practiced those things, or, these demonic spirits may have been inherited by birth.

Third Heaven see 2 Corin. 12:2 “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago–whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows–such a one was caught up to the third heaven”. That is the “dwelling place” of God, the “Throne Room” as we call it.

It takes experience for a person who utters prophetic words to discern the source of origin of the spiritual flow that is transmitted through human words; if it proceeds indeed from “the mouth of God”, from the Third Heaven.

In addition to experience, it takes a clean heart, without any other motives, for a person to be allowed to connect to the Third Heaven (in spirit), before releasing a prophetic word. Every prophetic word that proceeds from the “mouth of God” is genuine and authentic; however, that, in its own right, gives no assurance that it shall also come to pass, which may be conditional upon the fulfillment of a several pre-requisites, which we shall study in more depth in Part 2.

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