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Prayer Strategy for 7 days of dedication for breakthrough on Pentecost 2020

In the Bible, God gives unique strategies for each battle recorded; not one battle strategy resembles another. All of the real-life examples of battles in the Old Testament are types, or, models to learn from, with regard to the “Army of the Lord” of the New Testament, which is the Ecclesia of Jesus, engaging in spiritual warfare in the heavenly places.

This video message is about the battle strategy that the Lord has revealed for the prayer warfare in the heavenly places at this time, as we prepare to advance against the “walls of Jericho” in May 2020.

This battle strategy has been revealed to a few different brothers & sisters of our Prayer & Prophetic Network. Since it’s been confirmed by the mouth of more than 2 or 3 witnesses, we believe we now have a clear instruction from the Lord on how to proceed, as we come closer to the appointed time of Pentecost this year.

That is another point of relevance, as we believe we have received that the timing of Pentecost this year 2020 is God’s timing for the Body of Christ to come against the “stronghold of Jericho” that stands in the way of the Body of Christ advancing to possess the “Promise Land” (which may be different for each person/location).

The latest video on the 7-day dedication, prayer strategy leading up to Pentecost of this year 2020 was done on Thursday 21 May, which you can find on my profile on Facebook. Also here is a link to the same video on YouTube:

There are several video-messages over the previous few months, as the Lord has been speaking to us that this is the year, this is the timing of God for this generation, to come out of the desert and enter into the Promise Land, after having first defeated the stronghold of Jericho which stands in the way.

If you have not had the chance to listen to such messages before, here is one of those video-messages that may help you see the bigger picture of what the Lord is doing this year:
2020 03 22 A prophetic outlook of this season

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