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Heaven on Earth – The supernatural becomes natural


In the Name of Jesus,
by the power of the Holy Spirit,
the reality of Heaven becomes reality on Earth,
through people who believe in, and trust in God’s power


A wonderful, real-life, just-now, testimony of ‘Heaven on Earth’ of how real, powerful, and effective is our “God-who-bears-additional-witness”


When the Lord gave me this year’s theme for our annual Shalom Prophetic Conference (‘Heaven on Earth’), I knew that He was going to bear additional witness to it by the move of His Spirit; as it is written:


Hebrews 2:3 how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation, which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed to us by those who heard [Him,] 4 God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to His own will?




I think it would be proper to consider this as one of the “names” of God, as we refer to the many attributes and characteristics that the Bible ascribes to God – He is One who bears [i.e. gives] additional witness in supernatural ways, which support and validate what we believe and ascribe to Him to be willing and able to make happen, through His supernatural power [which is at work in us, and manifests through us who believe].


When a word is spoken by the Lord, and, is then spoken to others by the person(s) who heard it, then…


[let me put it in a dramatic way; it is like saying…]


… God is obliged (! is that dramatic enough?) to bear additional witness with such manifestations of His heavenly, supernatural reality, that in hindsight one can say:

Heaven manifested on Earth,

as the supernatural became natural!


The reason I put it in that dramatic way is NOT out of disregard or absence of fear of God BUT to express the assurance that God is always faithful to His own word – what He says, He will also do, therefore for people who believe, it is already done!


“God-who-bears-additional-witness” in Hellenic (Greek)


For those of you interested in learning the Hellenic words of the New Testament scriptures, and secrets which are contained in them, all of those 5 words in English, are 1 word in Hellenic (!) “SUNEPIMARTIRON”




The verb is “sunepimartureo” and is made up of 3 parts [sun-epi-martyreo]. More than the characteristics of the 3 words, an important aspect here is the TENSE of the VERB.


In the Hellenic language, the tenses of the verbs are both significant and very clear. If you say a man IS DOING something it is very clear that it is happening NOW. If you say a man WAS DOING something it is clear that he may NOT be DOING it at the present time.


In the text above, Hebrews 2:4, the tense of the word (which is a past participle) is clear: it DOES NOT SAY “God confirmed”, or “God testified” as most English translations have rendered the verb in the PAST tense – that is WRONG, because it switches the testimony of the Scriptures from an everpresent acting God into a ‘god of the past’! The text reads:


God is the one who IS BEARING additional witness in the everpresent NOW


So, the translation of the word in English now requires also the expression of the tense through words to interpret properly what the Bible is communicating to us. And that is:


Hebrews 2:4 refers to a historical account to teach us a very important attribute of God’s nature, which is still characteristic of His Person in the everpresent, ongoing NOW in which different people of different ages have been living. Hebrews 2:4 reveals that God continues to be the One who is willing and able to bear additional testimony, in order to testify to the validity of the words spoken by those who believe in Him and trust Him.




This is what happened to a sister who was scheduled to fly to Athens for our annual Prophetic Conference during this weekend (8-10 Dec. 2017); let’s call her “sister D”, and here is her story.


Last Saturday, 2 Dec. 2017, sister D (and her husband) called me (online, through the internet) to announce the sad news that sister D would NOT be able to fly to Athens for the Conference, due to a medical condition that had recently been discovered; the Doctors said that she was not allowed to fly.


Now, such moments are like the cutting edge of a knife (ref. “the word of God”), which determine what kind of Christian you are… out of many kinds of Christians and “Christians”, let us limit the options to two:


  1. One who is so bound to the reality of this world, and by the spirit of unbelief, as well as so fearful of the power of Death over the flesh, that you take everything that your body and your Doctor is telling you for granted to be true. After all… what can be more true than the reality of what your body is experiencing…




  1. One who has such an intimate relationship with the Lord, who knows the principles of the Bible and believes that the Power of God is greater than the power of this world; one who has a child-like faith that believes that the diagnosis of God is of greater value than the diagnosis of the Medical Science; one who trusts and fears God without conditions and limitations, over and above any fear of Death and trust in the Medical Science to provide cure to the very realistic health problem that your body is experiencing…


(now what about that!)


When they told me the sad news, my response was: “Did you ask the Lord about it?” Their silence and the expression of their faces showed me that they had not asked the Lord… they just had accepted that the medical condition was a reality that would dictate the reality of sister D’s life at that time, and from that time.


Now, by that I am not implying that sister D and her husband are necessarily of the first kind of Christians described above. It is possible, likely, and most probable in this case, that they simply did not think about it; they just reacted normally, as normal people react to the news of a medical condition that is ever so real in our body. If something is real and manifest in our body, then it is REAL!




But… in this case, I said, “would you be willing to pray right now and ask the Lord about it?” As they agreed, we began to worship and pray. Several minutes later the Lord showed me a vision; I saw sister D in Athens, smiling, leaving her luggage on the floor.


After we finished praying, I asked them if they had received an answer from the Lord; they said that they had not received anything. I shared with them the vision and said: “Sister D, according to the vision that the Lord showed me, you have already come to Athens”.


To keep this short, I will go straight to last Tuesday evening, when they contacted me again. Sister D described in length and detail the story, how it unfolded since we had prayed the previous Saturday. She will share her story during our Conference, for those interested in more details, but the bottom-line is this:


Sister D was basically reluctant to accept the option of flying to Athens under the current medical condition and was debating with the Lord about it. Truth is, that debate also involved her husband, as the Lord used the situation to put His “finger” on sensitive areas that had been unknowingly neglected in the process of everyday life.


Without going into any details, the process of seeking the Lord about sister D’s medical condition led to another, parallel process of repentance, leading to reconciliation between sister D and her husband.


As soon as the matter had been settled between the two of them, and repentance had led to the cleansing of the dark spots and removal of the power of the enemy to accuse God’s children, sister D was healed! She is flying to Athens later today!


(now what about that!)


Heaven manifested on Earth,

as the supernatural became natural!

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