– are the Christian ministries of George and Evi Markakis, in Hellas (Greece) [where is home for us], and internationally

– serve the cause of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God which Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to proclaim and manifest in the Earth

– are Jesus-Christ-centered, Holy-Spirit-empowered, Kingdom-of-God proclaiming, apostolic, prophetic, charismatic equipping service(s) to the Body of Christ

– are based on the authority of the Bible, the written Word of God, which we teach by the power, wisdom and revelation of the Holy Spirit


Key characteristics:

Kingdom-of-God, Royal Priesthood in the order of Melchizedek, House-of-Prayer ministry, Strategic Intercession, Worship-Warfare, Israel, Missions

A Spiritual Family (an international network of related local ministries that are mentored by/under the apostolic fatherhood of George and Evi)

– Restoring, Equipping, Reviving, Empowering the faithful and committed sons of God with all of the gifts/manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and, those who are called, with what is needed to grow up to the fullness of the ministries of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers

Emphasis on the (restoration of the true, biblical concept of the) Ecclesia (or Ekklesia) of the living person of Jesus Christ who is seated at the right of His Father God until all His enemies have been made footstool under His feet


—  ‘true Ecclesia’ is to be understood in stark contrast to the organisational “beast” that calls itself “Church” whose (true, covert) purpose is to remove the spiritual headship of Jesus Christ and replace it with man-made rules, doctrines, and dead works of vain religion that serve an idol (i.e. reflection) of the living person of Jesus (but in fact is ‘another Jesus’ a construct of man’s vain imaginations and soulish expression of “god/deity” as perceived by man’s faculties)

—  which idol/reflection of “Jesus” is a lifeless and voiceless projection of man’s intellectual capacity to reproduce “god/deity” in the image and likeness of man’s doctrines, cultural preferences and biases, humanistic perceptions of what “god/deity” should be/look like to serve man’s needs, desires, even fears (including the fear of death), and, self-centered worldview, which is the result of the fallen, sinful nature that does not understand God’s Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, in perfect balance and coexistence with Wrath, Judgment, Eternal Damnation.


The commission:

“Speak Truth, Teach Faith, Build Prayer, Encourage My people”

“I will send you to preach/teach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to many churches in many nations, even to the ends of the Earth”

“My son, build me a Household of Faith where I may dwell in the midst of a people who know Me and fear my Name; a House for true sons of God who know how to listen to/obey My Voice”

“You will start Houses of Prayer in every place that I open the door for you”