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New Hebrew Year 5778

We have entered a new season
in the spiritual dimension

This is a ‘kairos-time’ that God

imparts of His Faith and Vision

for a major shift in

the spiritual atmosphere

Israel just entered year 5778 according
to the lunar calendar that God gave to Moses

The Hebrew calendar reveals the ‘kairos-times’
that God has established in the spirit realm

The Feast of Trumpets every year is
window of time that opens up for God’s people
to draw near in order to receive faith and vision
for the new ‘chronos-season’ of next year and beyond

This is a continuation of last week’s article, where we spoke briefly about the Feast of Trumpets from a New Testament Christian perspective. Link to last week’s article:
Today we shall focus on some of the prophetic insight that we have received during this significant time of the year, as we presented ourselves before the Lord for 6 evening meetings (at our House of Prayer, Shalom Center Athens), from Monday 18 through Saturday 23 Sept. 2017 – to welcome the New Hebrew Year and seek Him for prophetic insight into the new season that He wanted to give us.
Do we have any need of
prophetic insight of the times we live in?

The Bible shows us that God reveals to His friends what He plans to do before He does it. It also shows that God has gifted His Body on Earth with Prophets and other people who are prophetic (a manifestation of the Spirit), for the explicit purpose of revealing to His people things which cannot be seen through the natural eyes.

Moreover, the Bible teaches us that we can only receive from God what we have faith for, and ask for in prayer, having the faith that what we ask for, we have already received. How can we have faith for what God wants to do, unless we know what He wants to do?

Since God gave the authority of the Earth to mankind, He will only do what people invite Him to do through prayer. That is one of the main functions of Priesthood as God established the principle that when His priests on Earth pray, He responds to our prayer.

Therefore we need prophetic insight into what God wants to do, so that we may come into agreement with Him in prayer, pray for His will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven and speak the word of faith which proclaims what God will do, so it may be done.

The concept of prophetic insight (i.e. vision) that builds faith and prayer that invites God to act, is the spiritual background of the “model prayer” that Jesus taught His disciples, when He said: “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done” – that is a very general and generic prayer that needs to be applied specifically. God shows in what specific ways He wants His Kingdom to come to the Earth, for a particular time, a particular season, perhaps even a particular location, so that we can pray for it to happen.

Even though it is alright to say general prayers like “Your will be done“, Jesus showed us that His actions were specifically according to God’s will, which He knew what it was for each occasion – therefore God wants us to understand that more than general prayers which are not specific at all, He wants His friends to know exactly what He wants to do, so that we can come into agreement with Him, and pray for His specific will to be done.

Reflecting on the previous season of several years

At around 2010 a certain form of spiritual Darkness began manifesting which affected many people, in many places, in many ways.In August 2011, Alan Vincent said at a School of the Word he was teaching “in my 51 years of ministry I have never seen the hand of the devil so strong as during this last year”. His words were the epitome of all that we, as many others, had also started experiencing in our lives, which was going to continue for a few more years to come [Alan Vincent is an internationally acclaimed Apostle/teacher of the Word].

As I was seeking the Lord to understand why everything around us was shaking and crumbling, I understood that we had entered a season of walking through the valley of the shadow of Death, where there was very little light, and it felt “lifeless”.

During that season, economies failed on micro or macro levels, causing great financial loss or even financial destruction to many people, even at country level; it almost resembles the “7 years of lean cows” in ancient Egypt (story of Joseph).

Many people got sick or had accidents, some died, marriages broke up, churches shut down, Pastors fell in sin, and many hearts grew cold. A lot of devastation also befell the world by way of war, terrorism and accidents, but there is no need to repeat what we have all experienced and are well aware of.

On the spiritual side of things, the faith of many seemed to have withered, and many Christians lost interest and their fervency in the Lord was replaced by coldness towards the faith; some were even led to apostasy (complete withdrawal).

A prophetic insight that many received at that time was the following:

Hebrews 12:25 See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, 26 whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven.”

27 Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. 28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. 29 For our God is a consuming fire.

Now, back to today in Sept. 2017, during the last few days, as we have been worshipping, praying, seeking the Lord for the new season that started with the New Hebrew Year 5778, I’ve had a few thoughts which I am sharing here below:

Tears are but for a brief season, but then comes the Morning when the Light shines. When Darkness was permitted to prevail over the Ecclesia, the Lord allowed a season of uprooting, tearing down and destroying all that the hand of man had planted, raised up and built even in the name of God, but apart from God’s initiative or specific instruction and direction.

When the Lord permits the power of judgment to manifest against the Ecclesia, the power of the enemy cannot quench the indwelling Anointing, but has the power to destroy the works which were not blessed by the Lord, or, which lost the blessing of the Lord along the way, mostly due to disobedience and/or sin.

But even in the midst of judgment, God is at work to manifest His Love through the cleansing and purification which prepares His Bride to be used in the next season (which now is at hand), even more powerfully than before.

God’s Love and Grace have been manifest in the last several years of shakings and devastation, in that the season of Darkness and Death was not able to stop those whom the Lord has called, anointed and commissioned for His service for His Kingdom work.

Darkness and Death have been allowed to affect as much of our lives and ministries as what needed to be cleansed and purified, causing “branches” and “beauty” to be cut off, so that what remains and becomes resurrected in this new season of new outpouring of Light, Love, Life, may flourish as never before and multiply, expand, and produce an abundance.

By looking at what died in the last about 7 years, we may know what was either not filled by God’s Light and Life, or, had been defiled by Darkness and Death – so that had to be cut off and thrown into the fire to be burned, so that we may know what was made of earthly material that cannot survive through the devourer’s fire.

1 Corinthians 3:12 Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13 each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is.

14 If anyone’s work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward. 15 If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire. 16 Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? 17 If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.

By looking at what came through the season of Darkness and Death alive and standing, we may know what had been filled by and maintained God’s Light and Life even while walking through the valley of the shadow of Death.

What is made of and is full of God’s fire, the fire that devours cannot destroy – such “material” is only purified through fire and becomes all the more shining, as it reflects God’s Glory.

Where our strength failed us in the last about 7 years, now we know that it was not God’s strength that was empowering us, but the strength of man’s arm that needed to wither away and become powerless.

2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him…” 

God’s strength is revealed in those, whose hearts have remained loyal through the season of shaking and uprooting, of tearing down and destroying, when the devourer was permitted to cause devastation and peril.Where our strength may have been lessened, but never failed, and is still at work in us, that shows what has been God’s strength which had empowered us to serve Him and His Kingdom. That will now grow in the new season.


Good News! All that is already past!
Things in the spirit realm have shifted!
A new season is already at hand!
Prophetic insight of the times we live in
as we have crossed this gate of time on Yom T’ruw’ah 5778

As we are leaving those years of Darkness behind us at this ‘kairos-time’, we have already entered a new ‘chronos-season’ of Light, Life, and renewed Love.

New waves of God’s Light, Life, Love
are being poured out in the new season

In those areas of our lives where Darkness manifested the most, the Light of God will now shine ever brighter than before! If Darkness overwhelmed our health, then our health will now be restored and flourish; if it was finances that were hit the hardest, then we should now expect financial blessings leading to overflowing abundance, etc.Many people felt like they were like dead in the past season; almost like “zombies” still walking yet as if having no life. Re-vival is at hand, as the Lord is pouring out a fresh breath of Life into those who have withstood the Dark season by holding on to Him. Jesus said that He came that we might have life, even to overflowing – and this is a new season in which the life in abundance that God gives will manifest in fullness!

The Love of God that is being poured out at this time, will comfort God’s people who have gone through a season that was like winter – a season of cold, dark, pain, suffering, where the hand of the devil was allowed to rise up against the Ecclesia of Christ. These words from the Song of Songs have been coming to a few of us these days, as we gather to worship Him and pray for the new season.

Song of Solomon 2:8 The voice of my beloved!

Behold, he comes Leaping upon the mountains, Skipping upon the hills. 9 My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Behold, he stands behind our wall; He is looking through the windows, Gazing through the lattice.

10 My beloved spoke, and said to me: “Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away. 11 For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone. 12 The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land. 13 The fig tree puts forth her green figs, And the vines with the tender grapes Give a good smell.

Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away! 14 “O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, In the secret places of the cliff, Let me see your face, Let me hear your voice; For your voice is sweet, And your face is lovely.”

Physically this September 2017 may be autumn (in the northern hemisphere), but spiritually these words of the Song of Songs speak of a past spiritual season that was like winter and rain, and a new spiritual season that is already here, which is like new flowers and the fruit of the trees appear on the earth, and the time of singing has come!

God is always the same, and His Love is always the same, but the prevailing work of His Spirit is different from season to season. As the Bible has said, there is a time for everything under the sun, such as, a time to uproot and a time to plant.

So the previous season since about 2010 was “a time to uproot”; it was also “a time of tears”, and so on. God’s Love remained the same, but His Love manifested during that season through the shaking of the heavens and the Earth. His Love is the same but sometimes we receive it through the pain of judgment of sin and cutting off of what He deems appropriate to cut off, for the sake of bringing forth more fruit (John 15).

So the devourer was allowed to destroy what was not founded on solid foundations; to uproot what did not have deep roots; to burn up what had been corrupt and defiled and was no longer useful to the service of the King.

But the Spirit of God has been wispering in the hearts of several people that the times have changed! This is now a new season, which is like spring after a long winter!!

God’s Faith is being imparted at this time

The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God. It also says that man can only receive what man has faith for.Most believe that God is all-powerful and does whatever He pleases, but that should not stop us from realising that man’s unbelief actually has the power to stop God from doing what He wants in a man’s life.

Now, unbelief is not necessarily an aggressive act of refusing to believe… Unbelief is like darkness; if there is no light, automatically there is darkness. It is like cold; if there is no heat, automatically it is cold.

So, a man who fails to “switch on” his faith for the new move of God in this new season, will be a man who will automatically remain in a mode of unbelief for the new things that God wants to do.

If there is unbelief about the new things of God in this new season, God will still do what He wants to do but only in the lives of those who have the faith to receive. This is almost the same as the parable of the old wineskin and the new wine – an old wineskin will never receive of the new wine.

So how do we switch on our faith to receive the new things of God?

This is what these days are all about; during this window of time which is identified by the Hebrew Feast of Trumpets, “Yom T’ruw’ah”. The Lord has been inviting His people over the last week or two, to draw near to receive of His faith for the new things that He will do in the days to come.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Faith is to see with the eyes of the spirit what is still invisible, what still has not manifested in the Earth. Sometimes the reality of the Earth is even contrary to what we “see” in the spirit – yet through the spirit of man we have access in the realm of the spiritual dimension, where we may “see” what God shows us that He is already preparing to do – then that has substance for us; in the spirit it already exists.

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