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JESUS HEALING (3) ‘Am I able to do this?’


Last week we said that the Name of Jesus is a “logos” of God, which carries heavenly “hypostasis” (substance), which includes both salvation and healing.


When a person believes that God heals and that HE is also willing to do it… and this person of faith calls upon the Name of Jesus, then the heavenly substance which is in the Name becomes manifest in this world (e.g. healing).


“Am I able”?


Matthew 9:27 When Jesus departed from there, two blind men followed Him, crying out and saying, “Son of David, have mercy on us!” 28 And when He had come into the house, the blind men came to Him.


And Jesus said to them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”


They said to Him, “Yes, Lord.” 29 Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith let it be to you.” 30 And their eyes were opened. And Jesus sternly warned them, saying, “See that no one knows it.” 31 But when they had departed, they spread the news about Him in all that country.


Practical reality versus intellectual theology


It is one thing to believe that God heals…

It is another thing to believe that God is willing to heal…

It is yet a different thing to be willing to prove your faith that God is able to heal you (!)


Many years ago, I had had an experience that I feel I ought to share with you, even though it can be quite challenging to many. Through that experience the Lord taught me a lot of things about healing, about faith, about His expectations of me, and more.


Before it happened I certainly believed that God heals and that He is also willing to heal, and, I had already experienced his healing power in my life (you may read a few personal testimonies in the 1st Part of this series – link above).


But frankly, as I reflect back on what happened, I now realise that my theology about God’s healing attributes was rather intellectual – like a theory (called “theology” in this case, but still a “theory” to many as it was to me; like intellectual thoughts and ideas).


Before that experience I had never really (really) been challenged to prove that I (really) believe what I easily claimed to have faith for. Theoretical theology… or is it theological theory? (!) is really easy – all you need to do is think about it!


But when Jesus asked those blind men “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” that was not a theoretical question (like, what do you think?) or theological discussion, like intellectual games and mental opinions about God.


Now, that is the case of many; they believe in God, but what they really believe in is a projection of their own mental ability to theologise about Him, without ever having really had any personal encounter with Him, or experience of His power.


As long as “God” is what I make Him out to be through my own ideas about Him, He is a “God” that I can relate to – because I have shaped Him in my own intellect to look like my own image and likeness, so that is easy to control… no challenges there…


Such a “God” that is a mental projection of my own soulish theology and intellectual theories suits perfectly my needs and desires, except, He never challenges me for faith for the supernatural, and He never refuses anything I ask for…


At the same time… that kind of “God” never really has a Living Voice of His own (except the “voices” of my own head), and what He can do depends on what I think about it, and what I want Him to do for me to satisfy my needs, desires, ambitions, etc.


But this story of the two blind men in Matthew 9:27-31 reveals a few principles related to God and healing, which I understood because of my own personal experience – when the Lord challenged me if I truly believed that He was able to heal me, and if I would be willing to prove that my “faith” was real, not just mental theories and ideas.


The question that Jesus asked those blind men was the key to their healing! Jesus did not need affirmation or accolades to boost His ego or to feel good about Himself… He knew He could heal them; He had already proven that even death could not stop His healing power (in the preceding verses 18 through 24 of Matthew 9, Jesus had brought a dead girl back to life and a woman was healed when she touched His garment).


So when Jesus asked them if they believed that He was able to open their eyes, He was testing their hearts whether they were able to receive what they were asking for.


God does many things, many times, just because He wants to do them! We have many examples of His miracles happening without asking for anybody’s faith… that is both in the Bible, and in our lifetime, happening mainly in evangelistic crusades. It also happens a lot to young believers who still need to be strengthened in their walk with Christ.


At the same time, we have many examples of people who do not receive their healing… each case is different and unique, but many of such cases are due to unbelief and other strongholds which resist and stop the power of God.


In the case of these blind men, God was not going to do a miracle by His own power and sovereign will – if those blind men were to have their eyes opened, that would have to be the direct outcome of their own faith to receive their healing from Jesus.


The Bible does not explain to us why some people receive the healing power of God without having any faith for it, while others can only receive their healing according to their own faith. We may not be able to understand it mentally, but it is in the Bible and we know it to be true also in real life, in the case of many people.


When they said “Yes, Lord’ and Jesus responded “according to your faith let it be to you”, that was an exchange of words that carried true spiritual substance. When they said “yes”, that came from the heart; when Jesus responded to them, He did not just release His own power for healing – He released a spiritual flow of power through the channel of those blind men’s faith.


Their eyes were opened not just because Jesus healed them, but also because they were able to receive what God was able to do on the basis of, and through, their faith.


My own story

when Jesus challenged me if I believed He was able


To keep this short and readable, I will leave out many details. To keep things simple, I got sick on a Saturday. On Sunday I asked for prayer from the Pastor and I was convinced that I would be healed after that (I had been healed before when my Pastor had prayed for me, so it was really easy to have faith for it).


On Monday morning I woke up worse than I had been on Sunday. The symptoms brought great fear to me as I began to reflect on the potential consequences on my health in the long term. At that point I still had not taken any medication because I was certain that I would be healed through prayer and faith. At that point I also had every reason to lose my faith for healing, because the prayer had not worked…


After I started looking for a Medical Doctor to go to before work, I realised that I had been taken over by fear, as my hands were shaking and I was anxious. So I stopped everything and started to pray. That is when I “heard” (in my spirit) the Living Voice of the Lord challenging me if I had had the faith to receive my healing from Him supernaturally (i.e. without any medical help).


Now, before that moment, things were simple and easy… you believe God heals, you pray and receive prayer for, and then – either you are healed or you are not. When you are healed it is great and you rejoice! But when you are not healed, you simply go to the Hospital and take medication, while you continue to pray and hope for your healing. Simple, easy, it works, you carry on with life…


But at that moment, as I was in prayer, I felt the Lord asking me… like… “how real am I in your life”? And… “if I am real, to what degree are you willing to trust me”? … “If you believe I can heal you, are you willing to give your life to prove it”?


Then, as I was thinking that God can heal me through medication, I felt He asked me a very challenging question… “if you take medication like everyone else in the world, does that prove that you have faith in ME”? Ooops… I realised that even unbelievers, atheists, even Satan-worshipers take medication and get healed… so, how would that prove my faith in my God who is able? It doesn’t…!


Then Jesus asked me this question, which broke my heart… “if you take medication and you get healed, who will receive the glory”? I realised that being healed through medication would not glorify the Lord in my life…


Our conversation continued along those lines, as the Lord was challenging me to live by faith and not by sight… as He was testing my heart to know if I was willing to become a living sacrifice to prove that my God is alive and able, not just a set of theological doctrines or intellectual theories.


I remember His words which instilled faith in me, and forged my determination to stand firm in my conviction that my God is able to heal me supernaturally, when He said: “these words which I am speaking to you are truth and are life; the flesh profits nothing, it is the Spirit that gives life” (!)


“The flesh profits nothing, it is the Spirit that gives life”


Those words kept resounding in my spirit, as I was battling with my fears and thoughts about taking medication. I knew that I would be healed if I took antibiotics and other medication, but I was now troubled, as I remembered His words “who will receive the glory”?


It’s so easy to say that God heals also through medication, and I have always believed that – I still do, because He gave us all the herbs and other substances which have healing attributes in them, to be beneficial for us.


But Jesus was challenging me if I had had any faith for His real Presence in my life – if I believed that my God is a living Person who has greater power than all the Medical knowledge of the world combined!

That Monday morning, while in prayer, I made the decision to trust the Lord with all my life; if I could trust antibiotics and Medical Doctors, how much more I ought to be able to trust in the living Person of Jesus, with whom I was just having that “conversation”.


It is really easy to talk to yourself when you are in prayer… but is there anyone else with you when you pray? You say you pray to God, that is good! But is He there? (…)


Having made my decision to trust the Lord for my healing, I left for work. By evening time I was no better than in the morning… probably worse, if anything… so I prayed before I went to bed, believing that by Tuesday morning I would wake up healed.


Reality was, I woke up much (much) worse… now the fear was multiplied, and doubt was making its way to completely take over my heart; and, my logic was quick to “inform” me that I had believed in a lie, that supposedly Jesus had been speaking to me…


I went through the same time of prayer over my greatly troubled soul as the previous Monday morning, but this time Jesus was not even speaking to me any longer… I was just alone there, fighting against my emotions and reason. Everything in me was telling me that I needed a Doctor and medical help immediately, and high fever, pain and dizziness seemed to readily confirm it! Except…


… “the flesh profits nothing, it is the Spirit that gives life” … “who will receive the glory?” … “how real am I in your life?” … ” If you believe I can heal you, are you willing to give your life to prove you can trust ME?” …


As I was reflecting on all those words I had received the previous morning while in prayer, I knew I had to make a choice… either my God is living, and real, and powerful, and able to heal me… or I am just making it all up in my own imagination!


I went to the office that morning, where I had to make a hard effort to remain standing and carry on with my work. There were moments that I was afraid I was going to collapse on the floor, but His words kept resounding in my “ears” …


…  “how real am I in your life?” …

… “the flesh profits nothing, it is the Spirit that gives life” …


At noon I closed the door and spent some time in prayer, asking the Lord to give me the strength to carry on – while my body was “shouting” that it needed medical attention, at least for the high fever.


It was 6pm that Tuesday evening, when I was getting ready to leave the office… suddenly something happened, like when a bottle pops open… I was not even praying at that moment, I was just getting ready to go, when… I was just healed!


Just like that, I was well again… all the symptoms suddenly disappeared, and I felt strong and fit and as if nothing had ever happened!


I had been put to the test, is my God able to heal me?


When I had overcome the test, and I had proven my determination to trust Him with all my life no matter what the cost, His healing power prevailed and my body was instantly restored, while all the symptoms disappeared from one moment to the next!

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