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500 years after Luther a new phase of the Reformation is at hand

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On October 31, 1517, Luther nailed his 95 theses of protest against the Catholic Church; that started the process of the Reformation of the Body of Christ, which is still ongoing to our days. I have already written 2 articles on that subject in August of this year; links below:

Global Apostolic Summit in Paris

An international Summit of Apostolic leaders took place in Paris 26-28 Oct. 2017, on the occasion of 500 years since the Reformation that started with Martin Luther. I had the privilege to address the gathering with a prophetic teaching on the next move of God.



Theme: “The people of the 11th hour”
The Reformation is continuing and God is ready to make the next major move after 500 years – it is time not only to reform, but to completely transform His “Church” in order to make us into a Royal Priesthood!
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The presentation does not include all the words which I presented. Additional, critical information was spoken verbally. Therefore please also listen to the audio, if interested.


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