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500 Years After Luther (2)

Exposing the spirit of Humanism


which hinders the Body of Christ from becoming an “Oikos” of God on earth functioning as Royal Priesthood


with legislative power and juridical authority given by Jesus to His Ecclesia to judge and to rule in the heavenly places,


so that the Kingdom of God and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven


Link to the 1st Part – The “Church” will become “Ecclesia”



500 years since Luther nailed on the gates of a temple his 95 theses against the Roman-Catholic Church of the medieval ages of Darkness, the Body of Christ has made significant steps of reformation leading to restoration of the Biblical Truth, in regards to its original calling, nature and purpose for which Jesus died on the cross.


The Body of Christ has scored tremendous victories against the realm of Darkness throughout the earth – especially over the last about 100 years since the Pentecostal revival that brought back the Fire and Power of the Holy Spirit – which led to an explosion of evangelism, revival, discipleship, developing leaders, establishing new churches in many new nations, etc.


In spite of great and growing progress that continues to expand the Kingdom of God throughout the earth, not everything is perfect within the “Camp of God”, and the process of reformation for the restoration of God’s Truth is still underway and on the verge of entering a new phase.


After about a century since the “Azusa street revival”, which led to massive evangelism, expansion and establishment of new churches, the time has come for the Lord to lead the Body of Christ to the next level of revelation of what is already written in the Bible concerning how the Church is called to be an earthly reflection, manifestation and representation of the authority, power and glory of the Kingdom of God.


Up to this generation, there has been little understanding and emphasis of the Church on three critically important subjects; that the Body of Christ:


1) is neither religious temples and organisations, nor just religious assemblies of saved sinners, but a Household; an “Oikos”-family of God (where corporality of the members tramples individuality, and love for one another displaces self-centeredness, thereby manifesting God’s Presence and character and revealing His Glory in earthen vessels)


2) is called by God to be on earth the Royal Priesthood of Jesus Christ who is the High Priest of God, seated at the right of the Father in heaven, and soon coming King


3) was not formed thanks to the Blood of Jesus for the purpose of salvation, but was saved out of the realm of Death to be the Ecclesia of Jesus that is the Light of God that shines in this world of Darkness to manifest and expand the Kingdom of God on earth


The duty of the Body of Christ which is the Oikos of God (that has become the Royal Priesthood of Jesus), is to function as the Ecclesia that exercises the Juridical Authority which God has delegated to His people to judge and rule in the gates of heaven,


– so that the Kingdom of God can manifest in the earth

– so that the Gates of Hades do not prevail when the Ecclesia prays

– so that the Light of God shines in the earth so that all men can see it


The time has come for the next stage of reformation, for the Body of Christ to:


-> progress out of the state of being a “Church” that is still a reformed expression and extension of the medieval “Roman-Catholic Church” (i.e. just religious assemblies),


in order to


-> become the Royal Priesthood of Jesus Christ that knows how to be and how to act as an Ecclesia with power and authority to judge and to rule in the heavenly places.


So the time has come for the Holy Spirit to expose and confront specific forms of Darkness which operate within the “Camp of God” to hinder, delay or altogether block the progress along the process of gradual reformation of the Body of Christ.



It is the time to expose and confront the spirit of Humanism in the Church


In the 1st Part last week we said


The “Church” is content only with Salvation of sinners (but)

The “Ecclesia” is called to proclaim, reveal and manifest the Kingdom of God


-> What may be extremely hard for some to comprehend, is that when the Body of Christ fails to see and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, because the “Gospel of Salvation” is the main or only focus of the Church, that is the work of Satan who hinders the original plan of God and purpose for which Jesus died.


-> That is the same operation of the spirit of Humanism which caused Peter to rebuke Jesus saying “Oh no, Lord! This will never happen to You!” – to which Jesus replied “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men” (Matthew 16:22-23)


Today we shall continue to say a few more words on the “spirit of Humanism”, which is one of the most cunning undercover operations of the enemy inside the “Camp of God”.


As we see in the story of Matthew 16 at Ceasarea Phippi, as soon as Jesus made His foundational declaration of the building up of His Ecclesia, the very first manifestation of Satan to oppose came through Peter, who was at the “top leadership” of the disciples of Jesus of that time, and to whom He said He would give the keys of the Kingdom.


The “spirit of Humanism” that deceived Peter and used his natural senses, feelings and earthly wisdom to resist the plan of God by trying to hinder Jesus from completing His assignment on earth, continues to this day to operate in the exact same modus operandi to tempt and entice the leaders of the Body of Christ, so that God’s plan through His Ecclesia fail to accomplish God’s will, plans, and purposes for His Kingdom.


Satan cannot stop God from revealing Himself to people and inviting them to be saved from the realm of Death; but he can hinder the Ecclesia through deception and sin, to stop the full will, as well as the Power and Glory of God, from manifesting on earth.


As long as the forgiven sinners who have been saved from Death and have become God’s children are happy with their personal, individual salvation, and content that all we do is to form religious organisations and assemblies, and just do “worship services” and other activities related to charity and the personal salvation of individuals, as well as the well-being, blessings and prosperity on earth, Satan continues to be the ruler of this world without anyone challenging his rulership.


The “Church” propagates the “Gospel of Salvation” (but)

The “Ecclesia” declares and manifests the Gospel of the Kingdom of God


The “Gospel of personal Salvation” as well as the other ME-centered “gospels” (e.g. that of “Prosperity”) are deceptions coming from Satan who uses the natural senses and earthly wisdom of “Church leaders” to stop the Ecclesia from fulfilling the full assignment of God and purpose for His Kingdom on earth.


I don’t want to deviate from the course of this article now, or overload you with too much information, but this is an important reminder – WHAT is that purpose? As Peter proclaimed on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:32-36), it is this:


Psalms 110:1 THE LORD said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.” 2 The LORD shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion. Rule in the midst of Your enemies!


How the spirit of Humanism works in the “Church”

(to stop the above declaration of God from becoming fulfilled)


The “spirit of Humanism” purposefully ignores or suppresses everything that proceeds from the supernatural realm of the spirit, and denies every form of divine intervention, authority or sovereignty of God as a supreme spiritual person.


Humanism considers human beings as the measure of all things, and positions the interests, desires, needs and choices of people as the center of everything.


That includes moral values which deny any absolute Truth defined by God; since according to Humanism human values are the only measure of right and wrong, “truth” becomes relative and function of man’s preferences and decisions.


That includes Biblical Truth – when the spirit of Humanism has taken over, what is written in the Bible is no longer important – the only measure of value is how “Church leaders” interpret and apply what is written, so that it fits in the humanist “gospel” and accepted values.


The outcome of that intellectual process of replacing God’s Word  and absolute Truth by man’s wisdom in interpreting it and shaping it according to man’s values and standards, is that eventually it is people who decide and rule, not what is written in the Bible – so God no longer rules, because the “gods” of this world rule.


Practical example:


– The Bible speaks about spiritual gifts and manifestations of the Spirit of God, supernatural healings and other signs and wonders. The Word of God is clear that God works in the midst of His people through the SPIRIT and one of the ways He does it is through people who are gifted and equipped by the SPIRIT.


– Even though the Word of God is clear about it, and even though there is no written or historical evidence that what is written has lost its authority or passed away in time, there are “Church leaders” who deny God’s authority through the Spirit and the spiritual gifts, through intellectual theologies that negate the Scriptures. So, the same people who claim that the Bible is the ultimate authority, the same people establish doctrines and church practices that deny the authority of the Bible and establish the authority of man’s mental interpretation of it.


– Instead of Jesus ruling over His Body through spiritual, gifted leaders that He appoints on the basis of His calling (ref. Ephesians 4:11 five minitries), the “Church” is led by people who occupy positions of leadership through human political skills, and intellectual abilities acquired by academic education.


So the mind of man has replaced the Spirit of God – that is how the spirit of Humanism works to replace God’s wisdom by man’s earthly wisdom!


That is why James says “This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic” (James 3:15)


Humanism denies the supernatural, spiritual activity that transcends human capacity, as well as any sovereign will of God even in the “Church”. Humanist mentality recognizes only the intellectual capacity of man, and establishes the opinions, needs and desires of men as the ultimate sovereign authority which defines what “Church” and “Biblical truth” is.


When “Church” leaders are overtaken by the spirit of Humanism (as Peter was), their perception of “god” is determined by the elements of this world and the needs and desires of human life. That is what happened to Peter when he rebuked Jesus saying “Oh no, Lord! This will never happen to You!”


That was such a serious confrontation with that cunning spirit, that Jesus did not hide his anger, when he replied to Peter: “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men” (Matthew 16:22-23)


As this “spirit of Humanism” has saturated much of the “Church” of this generation, it is no wonder that the God-centered Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven has been replaced by the “me-centered” humanist “gospels” of “man’s individual salvation”, “man’s personal prosperity in the flesh”, etc.


All these versions of “me-centered-gospels” ignore or reject God’s initial purpose and sovereign will and plans, limiting the work of the Kingdom of God only to those things which serve man’s individual needs and desires according to the principles of this world.


God’s version and purpose of “Salvation”


God’s purpose for man’s salvation is that God saves sinners from the grip of Death in order to obtain His own people on earth, like a family (an “Oikos”), who become His Royal Priesthood to serve Him and represent His Kingdom on earth acting as an Ecclesia that exercises God-given authority to judge and to rule.


(that is a corporate setting, where the individuals are members of a Body, which is an Oikos of God, which carries and exercises authority in the heavenly places, where we were seated together with Jesus when He saved us from Death).


Satan’s response to oppose through a ME-centered “salvation”


The spirit of Humanism has caused people to believe that “Jesus died to save ME from the evil and darkness of this world, because He loved ME so much, so that He can snatch ME out of this world, so that I can live in heaven with Him”.


There is no sense of calling, purpose and duty in that “gospel” which is totally individualistic and makes ME the center of God’s work without regard to God’s Kingdom purpose, which He saved me to fulfill as a member of His ‘Oikos’.


It is true that Jesus will rapture His own people out of this world in God’s timing, but in the meantime He saved us to serve a purpose in this earth – but Humanism blinds God’s people to His plans and purposes, so the “Church” has failed to fulfill her role as God’s Royal Priesthood, because “Jesus died to save ME… and now that I have become a son of God, I can use God to bless ME… what else is there to it!”


The truth about my salvation is that Jesus died to purchase me for God, so that I can become a member of His “Oikos”-Household on earth, so that His Ecclesia can fulfill His goodwill on earth from the position of Royal Priesthood, as it is written:


“Your will be done, Your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven”.


We are not just saved and blessed… we are mainly and primarily called to execute God’s will on earth, so that His Kingdom “come” and manifest on earth!


On the one hand (present reality):


The “Church” is not interested in, or, does not know how to become the Household of God, or, how to use the keys of the Kingdom of God to rule in the heavenly places.


As a result the “Church” is feeding the individualistic mentality of people who think it is enough to be saved and blessed, instead of a sense of belonging to the “Oikos” of God with a purpose and a duty on earth. So this kind of “Church” is forfeiting the juridical authority that God granted her to judge and to rule in the gates of the heavenly places.


On the other hand (purpose of the next move of God):


The Ecclesia of Christ builds up God’s Kingdom on earth into local families where God’s Presence dwells, and rules with juridical authority in heavenly places by using the keys, the power, the authority that Jesus has delegated to His Royal Priesthood.


That is why the time has come that the work of reformation for the transformation of the “Church” to a true Ecclesia enters a new phase, with new thrust from the Holy Spirit to expose and confront the spirit of Humanism, which operates through many “church” leaders and Bible Colleges.


As a result, the humanist mentality has saturated many of the teachings of the contemporary “Church” to such a degree that most Christians do not really know why Jesus died on the cross; they do not know why He saved them, so they lack the sense of purpose and duty, and fail to grasp the corporality and duty of the Ecclesia.


As a result, they remain just saved sinners who remain isolated and powerless on their own, gathering in religious assemblies just to stay encouraged and be blessed ‘until Jesus raptures them from this evil earth’… (!!!)



IMPORTANT! We do not want to diminish the significance of salvation!


– it is absolutely awesome to be a forgiven and saved ex-sinner, to have become a son of God by the precious Blood of Jesus! It is as beautiful as when a child is born!


However, as awesome and wonderful as that it is, it merely signifies the time that the Jews were still in Egypt, where the blood of the sheep on the doorposts of their homes spared them from the destroying angel. It is the Blood of the Lamb that saves from the grip of Death so that we become free to pass on from slavery to freedom.


So God saved the Jews from Death and they were set free to depart from Egypt – great and awesome, wonderful and glorious! That signifies the time that a person believes in the salvation that Jesus offers by His Blood that He shed on the cross.


AT THE SAME TIME, that was only the beginning of the journey to the destiny and destination for which God saved the Jews from slavery in Egypt! same for Christians…


God saves sinners by the Blood of the Lamb of God to purchase people from the grip of Death, who become His sons, brothers of Jesus Christ… and THAT is the beginning of the journey that has a purpose: the Promise Land – where the Ecclesia causes the Kingdom of God to manifest on earth by judging and ruling in the heavenly places!


So… when Christians are stuck in their own “Egypt” and they continue to hold their own religious meetings in Egypt, it is almost like the Blood that was shed for them was of no effect! The blood of the sheep on the doorposts of the Jews was not just to save them from the destroying angel, but to release them to depart from Egypt in order to establish their own Kingdom on earth in the land that God had promised them.


If Christians merely hold religious assemblies in “Egypt”, they will never have their own Kingdom in their own land of Promise. That is how Satan keeps the “Church” bound through humanism that replaces God’s instructions by religious vanity that leads to nothing more than expectation that one day we shall wake up in heaven…


THAT is NOT the Gospel of the Kingdom of God! That is the fruit of humanism!

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