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PENTECOST 2023 is a “kairos”-timing of the Lord for PROPHETIC FULFILMENT of plans of the Kingdom of God, and of BREAKTHROUGH in the lives of the believers and of the Ecclesia of our Lord Jesus Christ.
This is a prophetic message along with some biblical teaching, on the occasion of the annual celebration of the Feast of Pentecost – known as “Shavuot” in Hebrew (and in Judaism).

A prophetic message (with some teaching) by George E Markakis, Hellas (Greece).

In addition to the element of the annual celebration, perhaps what is the most important element for this generation of believers, at this moment in the timeline of the global expansion and advancement of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, is the specific prophetic fulfilment of this Feast of the Lord – which is what this message is all about.

One additional element that makes this year’s annual celebration special, is the fact that we have just come out of the first three years of this decade of the 20’s, which was like walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death – we have come out of that season of Darkness, Depression and Death, to step into the new plans of God for His people in this next cycle of time, which is the seven years leading up to the end of this decade (by 2029).

This new cycle of time is God’s appointed “kairos”-time for His people (the true Ecclesia) to INHERIT and INHABIT – that is in reference to the Promise Land of the book of Joshua, but with specific (prophetic) application to the lives of the believers of this generation, at this time.

To watch “A Prophetic Perspective of this year’s Pentecost” of May 17, 2023:
George E Markakis is a Pastor, and an international speaker;
an apostolic teacher of the Bible and a prophetic minister;
founder of Shalom Apostolic Ministries, based in Hellas (Greece);
co-founder and co-leader of the “Fellowship of Pastors and Leaders” (“Κοινωνία Ποιμένων & Εργατών Ευαγγελίου”), based in Athens, Hellas.

The commission of Shalom Apostolic Ministries:
“Speak Truth, Teach Faith, Build Prayer, Encourage God’s People”.
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