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A Prophetic message of the Lord to His Ecclesia, Mon 1 Feb. 2021
From George E Markakis Pastor of Shalom Center Athens, Hellas (Greece)

You can find this document on the Prayer Call of Feb.1, 2021 in pdf:

Also, last week I did a teaching that is very relevant, titled:
A door for the word to make known the mystery of Christ
To watch it:

A few words about this message:

This month of February is a month of prayer and spiritual warfare, a time to do battle in the heavenly places through prayers and supplications!

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you”!

“I called you to bear good fruit. IF you are good trees, you will bear good fruit”.

the call of the Lord for this time, the month of February 2021, is that we, the Ecclesia, pray in a way that resembles a war campaign, advancing forcefully and persistently with perseverance.

The purpose of this “war-like campaign” is that by asking and seeking in prayer, we push forward to knock down the shut gates (i.e. in the spirit realm), which keep people as prisoners, stopping them from becoming free to turn to the Lord and enter the Kingdom of God… that is… the gates of Hades which keep people bound so that they do not get saved through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God’s clarion call at this time is that we push in prayer… have you heard the P.U.S.H. acronym? Push Until Something Happens? … So, His call at this time is for us to push in prayer until we have touched His garment; the garment is symbolic of His Anointing, and that is about His Presence in our midst.

When we push until we touch His Presence, we are assured that His response will be “Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me”.

there is a time to be quiet and enjoy life, and there is a time to go to war to advance the Kingdom of our God through prayer and spiritual warfare.

Because of the pandemic, as church services have been forbidden due to the lockdown, the people of God for the most part have grown weak. Overflowing emotions have filled us over these unprecedented circumstances that have changed our lives and our planet, and many of us have been overcome by a spirit of slumber and some have fallen in a state of lethargy.

The hands of many have hung down, and the knees are feeble, as if paralyzed. Many have lost hope for the future, and vigor and vitality have been overcome by weakness and heaviness. Many regard the future with worry, and a sense of uncertainty and insecurity has become a fertile ground for fear.

Many struggle with the darkness that has become manifest from within their soul through this lockdown that has forced us to stay at home over prolonged periods, which have tested our sanity. At the same time, some have lost any interest in church services, and the work and activities of the Church, including outreach and evangelistic campaigns.

This long-term lockdown has caused a slow simmering of potentially unhealthy emotions within our soul, as we feel isolated, almost like locked up in prison. All that, has caused major changes within. As a result, many feel out-of-tune, and disoriented; others face the challenge of identity crisis, whilst some have given up on life, and live their daily lives like the living dead.

In this hour and this condition that has overtaken many, the Lord is giving out a wake-up call, summoning us to spiritual alertness and prayer warfare with persistence and perseverance, in a disciplined way, every day. It is a prayer campaign to advance the Kingdom of God in people and through people.

This is indeed a time to pray fervently, especially as so many people:

– suffer, and their souls are particularly vulnerable at this time,
– have lost hope and have nowhere to turn to for comfort,
– wonder if there is a God, and why He does not do anything to help us in this difficult hour that humanity is going through.

This is indeed the finest hour for us who believe in Jesus to produce our good fruit that the Lord desires of us, through our life of prayer, so that the shut doors may be opened, and the prisoners be free to walk to their freedom.

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