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Now that Trump lost the elections and Biden is elected President – a few thoughts of consolation

By George E Markakis, Pastor of Shalom Center Athens Hellas (Greece), Jan. 22, 2021

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If anyone has not yet, and would be interested in my previous message of Jan. 8, on the US elections, here is the link: Now that the 2020 US elections results are official, what is the Lord saying?

My friends… all the dear friends with whom we have seen eye-to-eye and have prayed together; and all the dear people of God in the USA. My heart goes out to you at this time that a new President is in power; especially those among us who were sold out on the idea that Trump was going to be re-elected and now feel confused, perhaps betrayed, and most likely… disillusioned.

Now that America has a duly elected new President on the basis of the count of the Electoral votes, my proper greeting and message today ought to have been “Congratulations”, and something like “Let’s pray for him; may the Lord bless the new President and may He prosper the US of A over the next Presidential term”.

However, I appreciate the fact that a large number of us, if not all, consider the final outcome of these elections as a time of mourning, perhaps of anger and wrath.

God’s Truth has the power to bring genuine consolation to wounded hearts, and set bound hearts free, if it is received, and if it causes that which may be the greatest gift of God to humanity: the ability, the capacity, and the privilege to repent and say, “I confess I was wrong”.

My dear friends, I trust that by now the facts of life have made it clear for everybody, that many of us in the Christian charismatic, especially the prophetic, community got it terribly wrong when it comes to Trump’s potential, and, falsely prophesied his re-election.

We got it terribly wrong because of the wrong motives in our hearts. That is because many of us fell in the most ancient of the enemy’s traps, who allured us into thinking that we could actually project towards God the desires of our hearts, and the aspirations of our political agenda. What we did was idolatry, and that is sin.

We fell in the trap of thinking that our desire was God’s desire, and our political choice enforced by prayer would oblige God to disregard the democratic process of freewill voting, and other important factors that we shall discuss here such as Trump’s character, in order to grant us what we thought ought to have been the result of these elections.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, whom I love so dearly, and wish to console by speaking out the truth. This is a good time to remember that when we try to enforce our agenda through prayer, against the will of others, we are actually exercising witchcraft. Even more so, when we prophesy our will so that it will shape the future against other people’s will, we are in effect exercising divination.

Sin took over the people of God, and sin always leads to death. If we feel like dead now, that is the only good place to be in this hour. That is what we brought upon yourselves, and that is God’s way of helping us come to our senses and realize we need to confess our sin, turn from the wicked ways in which we walked, and return to that place of humility which is where we belong, and stay humble from now on.

The inauguration of Joe Biden as the new President needs to be remembered as the day that the Lord used the American elections to call His people to confession of sin, repentance, and humility. Shall I spell it out? Yes, we were humbled! Defeated and humbled!

And that is one of the ways that God can catch our attention and call us to the place of humility! We want to feel strong, but He knows the only good and safe place for us is when we are weak and broken.

This is what the genuine people of God are called to do in this hour; die to the flesh, die to the sin, die to the spirit of the world which has so grossly deceived so many of us, dear, beloved brothers and sisters.

I know how difficult it is to see and say, “I was wrong”. I have been there… many a time in my life. Here is what I have learned; if it is difficult for me to say, “I was wrong, forgive me”, that goes to show that I am still alive to this world; my flesh still has power over me.

For those who are dead to themselves, their own political agendas, their own selfish pride, their own fanatical opinions of right and wrong, those people cannot be offended, because they are dead. Oh, how I wish we were dead to the spirit of the world before the election campaign started… those who were already dead were able to hear of God the truth, that Trump was not going to be re-elected.

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