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Now that the 2020 US elections results are official, what is the Lord saying?

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It is not my purpose or desire that I should upset or attack anyone, or that I would scratch any wounds. As I was openly a voice FOR the Republican nominee in the 2016 elections, and as I am clearly a voice FOR God’s Kingdom and agenda on Earth, I believe I am entitled to share my heart as a Pastor, leader, and a prophetic voice to the Body of Christ.

What’s my agenda here? Well, if you know my ministry’s motto, you know that the first commission I have received from the Lord is “Speak Truth”. Truth is my agenda! It is time that we deal with presumption within the camp of God, starting with the presumption that is at work within our own hearts.

This is not a political talk here, I am speaking as a Pastor, whose agenda is the correction and edification of God’s people. Did anyone notice that I never said anything for these 2020 elections?

Here is some food for thought; I have asked friends who were strong pro-Trump supporters: “Have you heard from the Lord that Trump will be re-elected?” Here is a typical response: “Do you know what will happen if the Democrats win? Do you know what they will do to the Christians and what immoral, anti-God laws they will pass? The Democrats promote the agenda of the anti-Christ”.

Perhaps they do, and you, my friend, have every right to be concerned, and you have God’s calling and mandate to be in prayer against the agenda of Darkness, but that is NOT what I asked you; I asked, “Have you HEARD FROM God…”?

Honestly, I was perplexed by the degree to which almost everyone seemed to be unable to comprehend the simplicity of the question, “Have you HEARD from God?” Instead, the response and reflection of everyone’s heart was like… “Democrats are anti-Christ, Trump must be re-elected”.

It is one thing to be jealous for God and fear the anti-Christ, it is quite another to be proclaiming that “God said” in order to promote your political agenda, using God to enforce what you think is right against what you think is wrong.

To this point, thankfully, none of my friends said, “God told me that Trump will be re-elected”. What they said was “It is God’s will for Trump to be re-elected” – so let’s get this straight in our hearts and minds: our opinion of what is God’s will, does not decide, determine or dictate, God’s Voice.

The 1-million-dollar question of the hour: “But what about the prophets? They said that Trump would be re-elected!”. A ha!

That was another reason I remained silent… I never heard any pro-Trump prophecy in which my heart rested, or, that I felt the Spirit of God speaking to me, from where I was standing and listening.

What I heard was man’s desire, man’s opinion projected towards God and presented as God’s Voice, as well as peoples’ effort to manipulate other people by telling them that “God said…”, when God was indeed silent… totally silent! That is why I also remained silent.

Did ANYONE ever notice that God was SILENT since August and till the end of November? God “appears” at different times in different ways which are recorded in the Bible. The way God “appeared” during those 4 months was:

— “God who hides His face …” –

God remains about His usual business of Holiness, Humility, Perfection, Submission and Obedience expected of His servants.

I think many have missed God’s basic principles as they were misled by other voices, including the voice of their own heart, and, because the fear and the dread of God have departed from much of the Body of Christ in America.

In fact, God spoke ahead of that period of silence, and said that He was going to be silent; He warned of a period of “no water”, when His instruction was clear for those who had ears to hear His Voice. It is as if He said, in my own words:

— be silent, stay low and quiet, wait by the fireplace, hold back, say and do nothing but be patient, watch, observe, pray, till I rise again. He didn’t quite SAY those words, but that is what was silently formed in my spirit.

In God’s agenda, the 2020 US elections were not about Trump, they were about whom you fear and dread most. Whose voice you fear, his voice you hear.

Many Christians were more afraid of the “anti-Christ” coming to power through the leaders of the Democratic party, than they feared God whose Name they took in their lips in vain, in an effort to resist the agenda of Darkness.

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