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Prophetic word: I will rise up as God Almighty over the nations of my choice for this time

On Oct. 28, 2020, at 19:10, while we were worshipping the Lord at Shalom Center Athens, I felt the Lord calling me to speak to me; I heard:

Be still, I Am always with you, as I have told you again and again. Be still and you shall know that I Am God and will always be the same; I have not changed. I will rise up as God Almighty over the nations of my choice for this time.

You will see My Arm rise Mighty to bring Justice over every injustice. My Light will shine, will penetrate and bring to light even the darkest and most hidden things perpetrated by people who have Darkness in their hearts, and pour out their hatred and evil over other people.

My Justice will prevail and punishment will be relentless for as many as will not repent. My Kingdom continues to expand, and no work of Darkness is able to hinder it. You shall see My Kingdom manifest on the earth in your generation in new and unprecedented ways, and, over nations which have rejected me hitherto.

It is the time that I shall no longer remain silent, but will recompense each one according to their works, and, my judgments will be known to all.

This is a time of upheaval and reversal, when all those who call Black White, and their god is Lies and Deception, will gnash their teeth and will perish along with their works. I Am God and will rise above all the nations as Lord and King.
This prophetic word was given to/through the Pastor of Shalom Center Athens, George E Markakis.

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