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The Bible with George E Markakis – how to stay protected from the enemy

Many Christians have believed in the power of God for the protection, only to find out that the enemy of our souls can actually have/hold the power to cause damage at times. Why is that? What does the Bible teach us? How can we stay protected?

During this season (since the start of the new year) the Holy Spirit has been leading us through the book of Joshua. In a nutshell, the turn of the year signified the time of transition of the people of God who came out of the desert after 40 years of wandering, to follow their new leader, Joshua, to begin the conquest of the Promise Land through the destruction of the stronghold of Jericho, first.

After the people of God defeated Jericho (chapter 6), the next lesson they had to lean was how to remain victorious so that they could continue defeating all their enemies, and coming to the place where they could possess their inheritance.
George E Markakis is the founder/Pastor of “Shalom Center”, a House of Prayer in the center of Athens, Hellas (Greece, since 2003). His main ministry is to the nations, since 1997 that the Lord called him to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God (“Shalom Apostolic Ministries”).

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