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A (prophetic?) word for the (Ecclesia of the) USA

As (a part of) the USA is in flames, as the emotions run high, as the confrontation continues, as everyone cries out for Justice (each one from their own point of view), as some expressions of Authority have failed their calling & purpose and have dragged many innocent down to the pit of hell with them, as demand for Law & Order is in direct conflict with Law & Order, as the masses demand to have their voice(s) heard while the criminals feast at the opportunity to loot and get rich at the expense of hard working people, as people who have invested their whole lives in businesses that get destroyed overnight are confronted with despair and equally demand Justice, Law & Order, yet remain the innocent victims that noboidy cares about, as madness seems to prevail at every level and the voice of wisdom finds it difficult to be heard…

… what is the Lord saying?

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