the invasion of the supernatural

and, the next move of God
after 500 years since Luther’s Reformation

The Lord has spoken to make His goodwill known;
the vision has been cast for those who have the ears to hear,
the heart to believe and the boldness to walk it out by faith!

On Sun 18 Dec 2016 Evi (my wife) shared a prophetic word that she had received during the time of worship – transcript translated into English, below.

For those of you who speak Hellenic (Greek), click on the photo to see the 86sec video of Evi sharing the word.

The supernatural becomes natural and we must learn to walk in the supernatural, and to make way with the supernatural. Same as when we were little children, we had to learn how to walk, and mom and dad used to encourage us saying “come on, you are doing well”.

So I am sensing the Heavenly Father saying to us: Come on my children, walk in the supernatural, same as you walk in the natural. The supernatural must be as the natural is to you, because you were born in that, and for that you were created.

Make room in your lives for the supernatural; become the carriers of the supernatural so that the world may know that you are my children and that I am real. My Kingdom is advancing through you; lay your hands on the sick, speak to the winds and the storms, do not fear Darkness!

Some comments on the “invasion of the supernatural”

I am aware that the supernatural power of God’s Kingdom has already invaded many parts of the planet. I therefore estimate that Evi’s word was for the believers:
– mainly in Athens and Hellas (Greece) (only?)
– hopefully the word may also be for Europe (?)
– and beyond (?)
– or, perhaps for anyone, anywhere, who would believe and embrace?

We certainly embrace it, as we pray for greater measures of God’s supernatural power present and operational in our midst. We are not content with the current level; great as that is, we know there is much more!

As much as I understand Evi’s word was towards individuals, I also believe the Lord is revealing His goodwill for broad-scale release of supernatural power in the land and continent of structural unbelief, where the supernatural move of the Spirit of God has been quenched by humanistic rationalism, and, intellectual theology.

As it is written “there is a time for everything under the sun” and the Bible shows how the Lord operates in cycles of times, we have already entered into a cycle of time where the Lord’s expressed will is that the power of the Kingdom overcome the strongholds of unbelief, through our boldness to apply faith without doubt.

For the most part, in all of western Christianity (Europe and north-America), the power of God has been made manifest through specific individuals, on specific occasions (ref. Conferences, “Crusades”, revival meetings, a few churches). But Evi’s prophetic word is speaking to the “crowds” – the simple believers – to whom the Lord is like saying “I want my power to be made manifest through all of you”!

That would be in line with both,
– the witness of the Scriptures (eg ref 1 Cor. 12-14)
– the next move of God after 500 years of Luther’s Reformation

500 years after Luther’s Reformation

After several centuries of Darkness in the world, as well as in the “Church”, during the times of the “Enlightenment” the Lord used Martin Luther to bring some Light back into the religious organisation that had usurped the role and institution of the Church of Jesus Christ.

The 1st and most important thing that needed to be restored back to the “Church” was the doctrine of salvation – known as “soteriology”, i.e. the ‘logos’ of ‘soteria’, which means ‘salvation’ – which is only by grace through faith in God’s redemptive work through the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross.

Anything other than that is no more than one of the dead religions of this world, whether you call it “Christian”, or “Chrislam”, or give it any other name you desire – that is NOT what Jesus died on the cross to accomplish – He died to redeem (meaning to “purchase”) a people that are received by God because their sin(s) is/are forgiven through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

That is the only and uncompromising way of salvation from Darkness and Death. No religion made up of human doctrines and rules of worship can set a man free from the grip of Death. No religious adherence has the power to remove the legal right of Satan to accuse and claim life for hell for eternity.

Once this ground-breaking foundation of salvation by faith in the free gift of salvation through Jesus had been laid again, the Lord continued the work of restoration of Truth, in an expected sequence of priority, through the ensuing generations. The major moves of restoration/reformation were:
– water-baptism (ref. Anabaptists)
– baptism in the Holy Spirit (ref. ‘Azusa str’ pentecost)
– evangelism/outreach/missions, coupled with…
– healings, miracles, signs, wonders
– teaching ministry (through certain great teachers)
– pastoral ministry (ref. “shepherding” movement)
– ministry of prayer, intercession, worship
– prophetic ministry
– apostolic ministry

The above steps of restoration have taken place over the last 500 years since 1517 that Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of a Catholic temple. But we see that the “Church” of Jesus Christ has not yet been fully restored to its original state and status, as we reflect on how the Spirit of God established the “Ecclesia” in the first 2-3 centuries after the ascension of Jesus to the right of His Father.

We cannot enter into in-depth teaching on the Ecclesia in this article, but anyone interested to (re)read a few things I have written about it, below are links to a couple of past articles on the subject.

For those who are totally uninformed and do not understand what I am saying here, this is a clue that will help you understand: if you read 1 Corinthians chapter 12 primarily, and then 14, you will have to ask the question, “why all these things described here aren’t taking place in most church services today?”

The simple answer is: because we have not yet recognised the reality that what is considered “church” today (even among the most charismatic circles) is a projection and continuation of the “church” of the Middle-Ages. We need to understand the call of God for this time and generation, to embrace the next move of the Holy Spirit on earth – a move that will bring Reformation to our “Ecclesiology” – i.e. the doctrine, or better, understanding of the Ecclesia.

The heart of the subject expressed in as few words as possible is like this: “Ecclesia” is not like all about religion, temples, do’s and dont’s, good’s and bad’s, moral codes of social behaviour, rules of worship, hierarchical organisation of clerics, buildings and charity, a religious theatrical show of “anointed”, professional experts who have rehearsed their show program to amuse the religious audience, or organised fund-raising and funds-dispersing for human aid.

Most of these things are good, useful, needed, important, and greatly helpful – some of them are also a form of practical application and manifestation of God’s love for the world – good! I am not saying we should do away with any of these good things, but, that is not what “Ecclesia” is all about!

Ecclesia is NOT WHERE the people go to…Ecclesia is the PEOPLE!

The Ecclesia of Jesus Christ is a body made up of people whose sin has been forgiven, who have been purchased by the blood of Jesus and have become the family of God on earth, so that they (we) can serve God as His Royal Priesthood during their (our) earthly lives – whereby through ALL of them (us) the supernatural reality and presence of God’s Kingdom can invade the earthly realm and become known to everyone around them (us).

The key difference between what is of this world and what is of the Kingdom of God is the presence of the supernatural, or, the supernatural presence of God’s Spirit indwelling and manifesting through human vessels, who are agents of God’s Kingdom representing the interests of their (our) Lord, doing His will.

The emphasis here is that the Ecclesia is made up of ALL individuals who are God’s children – ALL of them (us) have His Spirit, which manifests through ALL of them (us). The Ecclesia of Jesus is an army of “priests”, ALL of whom are fully active and engaged in manifesting God’s supernatural Kingdom in the earthly realm.

One thing is for sure… the true Ecclesia is NOT a Sunday Hollywood style religious show of preacher and musician superstars who entertain the audience who come-in, sit-n-watch, enjoy-n-applaud, and leave to return to their normal, natural lives which are full of this world… (and void of God’s supernatural presence and power)

I expect I will write a few more articles in this year ahead, with greater depth of explanation of what the Ecclesia of Jesus Christ looks like in the Scriptures, and what the religious organisation called “Church”, that emerged out of the Darkness of the Middle-ages, really has been. A glimpse into all that can be found in these two past articles for anyone interested.

Jesus “sets the solitary in families”
(based on the story of Hasan, from Afganistan)

Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body, the Ecclesia

My personal testimony of the start of 2017

My wife and I entered 2017 holding hands in prayer, blessing the New Year, praying for our family, as well as the people of our extended ministry in Hellas and the nations, etc. Then she went to sleep and I went to spend some personal, quality time with the Lord.

As I do every year for the last 20 years, I come before the Lord to wait on Him to speak to me for the year ahead – whatever it is that He would want to make known to me. Usually this process continues for several days into the New Year.

Each year, people like myself who seek the Lord for a word for the New Year, usually pray for a lot of promising, inspiring and hopeful dreams and visions of a better reality, a greater move of God, more financial blessings, good health, breakthrough in areas of challenge, etc.

By the way, this is a good place to reflect on something… some people have trouble receiving anything from the Lord; when they pray it feels like there is no one there, no one is listening to their prayers – so here is a reflection to help you if you are in this category of people who would like to, but cannot hear anything from the Lord.

Perhaps some of us need to humble ourselves, repent for sin in our lives and confess it to the Lord; we also need to examine our hearts with regard to our standing before the Lord, whether we really are hearing from Him, or if we just try to project on to Him our own desires and needs, or fears and greed…

So, now we can go back to the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2017, when I was alone, before the Lord, waiting, listening…

Frankly, in my own heart, I was hoping to hear something related to my own, and my family’s benefit, blessing, gifting, etc. – was quite eager to receive visions of greatness and promises of abundance… not to mention answers to prayer needs especially in the area of healing, which are the most needed!

But the Lord surprised me…

… as I found myself listening to the Lord, sharing with me HIS OWN desires and aspirations…

The first thing I heard in the spirit was the word “Ecclesia“! As the Lord began to pour into my heart His own thoughts and feelings, it was as when a lover speaks about his love…

“It is all about my Ecclesia; I did it all for my Ecclesia”
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